Saturday, 1 April 2017

Double Standards About "Complaining"

I regularly see tall people complain about things like shower heads, airplane space, fitting clothes, etc. Sometimes this is in a joking way, but often it's played straight. Either way, not once have I seen anyone dare accuse them of whining about nothing.

Yet when short people discuss things like being labeled with complexes and syndromes. wage gaps, being constantly labeled as intrinsically inferior, slanderous media portrayals, etc. all of a sudden everyone (including other short people) show up to play Internet tough guy, making baby noises and generally being nasty to shut down any progress. They also don't see the irony in themselves complaining about those who discuss heightism.

All the physical stuff tall people talk about has a short counterpart anyway. For example, it's not like stocky men find clothing very easily either. Deep down, I hope people realize one is all physical inconvenience and the other is societal prejudice. They just don't want to think about the latter because prejudice can actually be held accountable. Not to mention how people think obedience and complacency are virtues. They aren't.

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