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Friday, 22 September 2017

Common Fallacies When Discussing Height Prejudice

Here are some fallacies or biases I frequently see from heightism apologists:

  • Relative Privation: "Height discrimination is not that bad because someone else has it worse."
  • Just-World: The belief that bad things happen to bad people. "It's not about height, it's your bad personality."
  • Kafkatrapping: Inducing guilt then using any denial of guilt as further evidence of guilt. People accuse short men of having Short Man Syndrome, then when any short man goes against this, they use it as further confirmation of SMS.
  • Appeal to Nature/Naturalistic/Biological Determinism: "Height prejudice, and the inequity that stems from it, is the natural way of things."
  • Burden of Proof: The burden of proof lies with the person who is making a claim. Society claims many nasty things about short men, yet expects short men to "disprove" these stereotypes - the accused is guilty until proven innocent (I've written a series of posts specifically about this).
  • Composition/Division: Inferring that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole. "I have never experienced heightism, therefore nobody experiences heightism.
  • False Dilemma: When something is falsely claimed to be an "either/or" situation. "You can either think about heightism, or live a fulfilling life."
  • Appeal to the People: Believing something is true because many or most people believe it. "If so many talk about angry short men, it must be a real issue." Could also be done in reverse, "Society as a whole doesn't acknowledge heightism, therefore it doesn't exist."
  • Argument by Laziness: A person makes a statement or gives an opinion on an issue without having studied the topic being discussed. Everyone seems to be an expert on height related issues, but how many have done their research?
  • Strawman: Substituting a person’s actual position or argument, then attacking that new, false narrative. One person could be talking about height in employment or politics, but the other will act like the first is mad about dating issues.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Common Misconceptions About Height

Taller is healthier.
Depends how you look at it. For example, short men live longer on average. Being taller has also been linked to cancer, and tall skinny folk are at risk from collapsed lungs. More research on this here.

Every younger generation gets taller.
The average American has not gotten taller in the last 50 years. In fact, average height in the medieval ages was only slightly shorter than it is now.

Height is mostly dietary.
It's the other way around. Height is more genetic than dietary.

Short men are angrier on average.
This study found that tall men fly off the handle more quickly.

Every human being innately prefers tall people.
They've done height studies on various tribal cultures, and these people don't care about height the same way modern society does.

Men and women are equally strict about height.
Taller people earn higher wages due to superior competence.
This study found there was no wage disparity between the short and tall self-employed, concluding that the height wage gap is due to employer discrimination.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

If a Short Man Doesn't Play the Role of Christmas Elf, He's a Pussy

"My old boss use to call me a keebler elf and I'd laugh. I even brought keebler cookies to our Christmas party and told people it's an old family recipe. You just can't be a pussy"

Obviously most people agree with the statement above (because it's just a prank bro), but once we remember how short men are promoted less in the workplace, all of a sudden this isn't as funny. After all, when people picture someone worth respecting, I doubt they picture a keebler elf. They can claim they do to continue this line of short men making fools of themselves, but they don't. Think about how a person can outright hate an authority figure, like their boss or teacher or police officer, but I highly doubt they'd dare mock them. This behavior also sets a bad precedent because the moment a new short man arrives who wants to be taken more seriously, people will expect him to also play the elf, because the previous short guy had no problem with it. If the new guy doesn't, people will be offended. "Why can't he be more like keebler elf?"

Also keep in mind how society expects much more self-deprecation from men than women. I have never seen this much peer pressure for fat women to make whale noises in public, or towards flat-chested women to refer to themselves as ironing boards for the entire workplace to laugh about. I'm sure it happens somewhere in the corner of the earth but personally I haven't seen it, because it's considered unprofessional, rude, and mean-spirited by most. Meanwhile men are constantly told to laugh at themselves for going bald, having small dicks, and especially being short. So much for equality.

Related reading: a study about how self-deprecating humor is not helpful for low status individuals.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Explaining Why It's Hypocritical for Modern Day "Empowered" Women to Use Evo Psych When It Comes to Height

Click image to enlarge.

If you're curious about what article they're talking about, it's here. It's just some dating shit written by a feminist.

I wanted to focus on the evo psych aspect. Everyone loves this stuff until it's used on a politically protected group (like women). For example, people tend to take men more seriously than women, because men are biologically bigger and more powerful on average. Of course, we must question if a mainstream website would publish an article containing this idea when talking about gender issues. If a person tries to argue against women being in the police force due to biology, it's again considered discrimination by many. This stuff is taboo until it comes to male height, then everybody wants to talk caveman style.

Related reading: Studies show more primitive tribal cultures do not care about height the way we do.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

If the Size Difference Were Reversed, This Would Be Labeled as Little Man Syndrome

Before somebody says this is okay because the arrested guy was drunk or whatever (I still think it's excessive), my point is that short cops have been labeled with syndromes for less, nonviolent things like searching people for drugs.

I find it funny how this society only has a syndrome/complex label for when the one in power is a short man, as lashing out over anything else (ugliness, penis size, breast size, weight, social status, using larger size to bully people, etc.), it's all under "insecurity" or "inferiority complex." Only short men are singled out with a unique stereotype.

Most people take this as a sign that short men are so much more evil than everyone else, that the stereotype exists and is deserved. As for me, I find the idea of a group being more evil because of how they're born very prejudiced.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Bigotry Shouldn't Be Encouraged Even Against Other Bigots

Let's run through the excuses I've seen for this:

Bigotry is okay against another bigot. Heightism isn't serious anyway so it's fine.
Ableism isn't as bad as racism, but using it against a disabled racist is no good. Besides, imagine a film like Shrek but they mocked a woman's small breasts instead of short male height. I'm sure this society would still laugh, right?

People like to pick on certain traits of people they hate.
Well, at least we can admit there's prejudice against short men, so we're getting somewhere. After all, even the biggest haters of 6'4 Osama Bin Laden or 6'3 Donald Trump never claimed anything bad about tall men's characters.

Finally, the guy in the pic is actually 5'7, not 5'2. I wonder why they bothered photoshopping his height. Probably because there are fewer 5'2 men so they're an easier target. We also all know the shorter a man is, the more likely he is to be evil.

One of the main problems with humanity is confirmation bias. Anytime people see one short man do something they dislike, all short men pay for it. Anytime a tall man does something heroic, all tall men benefit from it. People need to be educated about this sooner than later, because it just keeps getting worse. All the Uncle Tom short guys out there also need to realize that until heightism itself is stigmatized, no matter how much of a goody two shoes a short man is, he'll just be like one of those minority friends a racist has. "One of the good ones," but the rest are clearly still nasty and inferior.

Considering how much this society loves eugenics, especially when it comes to male height, one would think everyone would get along with Nazis more. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if that short Nazi's kin are kinder to him than the rest of this more "tolerant" populace. Wouldn't that be a laugh?

Read my full post about this issue here.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

People Outraged Over Female Weight Issues/Body Standards

Never let anyone claim society does not care about an issue unless it involves slavery or laws or lynching (fallacy of relative privation). "Heightism doesn't matter because racism, sexism, and homophobia are worse". Okay, then what about this?



If someone says "society only cares about an issue if it affects women," then I'll be the first to agree. Anything else is just an excuse. Give one reason why women's weight standards are a big deal but height prejudice is not.

People outright insult short men all the time, and barely anyone cares. Meanwhile, simply asking about or pointing out a woman's weight is considered rude, let alone mocking it. There's a reason why the WWE announces the men's weights but not the women's.

Update: Apparently, universities also have a 'fat studies' course about the discrimination fat women face.

Update 2: While society is treating fat shaming as a serious issue, here is the kind of presentation heightism gets. It's all a joke to them, even when talking about derogatory stereotypes or the height wage gap.

Update 3: I keep finding more weirdness about how society views height.

According to society's mentality, judging a person based on their choices/lifestyle is not okay, but judging someone by how they're born is okay. For the record, I think both are rude (they're obviously intended to be), but look at the likes/retweets. It's the social difference in how much more popular and acceptable it is to bash short men that's worth noting. Also inb4 "it's just a prank bro."

Whenever I see women mocked over their traits, be it weight, height, breast size or whatever, there's always a plethora of people rushing to defend them. For example, when 4'11 Ariana Grande was mocked about her size, it sparked outrage. Often we see even 5'7 - 5'8 male stars like Tom Cruise or Kit Harington being mocked about their height. Where's the same reaction?

This is why weightism has a university course while heightism remains a humorous topic. It's not the trait being targeted that matters, it's which gender is being affected en masse.