Monday, 3 April 2017

A Thesis About Height Discrimination From Feminist Scholarship!etd.send_file?accession=bgsu1219422665&disposition=inline

I saw this some time ago but I never saved it. Fortunately, I've recently come across it again and it's actually pretty good, especially since I've seen many feminists do the opposite. There's nothing more ironic than a feminist who not only dismisses heightism, but partakes in it.

Speaking of forgetting to save things, I had a study that showed how tall women are treated the same as tall men in the workforce, but now I can't dig it up again. Basically, a 6'5 woman would actually have a better chance than a man who's 5'0, it just happens that women are shorter on average. It's just too bad many feminists don't read up on this topic, then they would realize how much of a role height plays in sexism.

The page itself examines many things like film and even the language itself, which is more than I can ask for from most people. Sure, it frames everything into a feminist narrative which may put some people off, but again, at least they acknowledge height prejudice.

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