Wednesday, 24 August 2016

On "Overcompensating" Short Men ("Women Don't Dislike Short Men, They Just Don't Like Short Man Syndrome!")
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I normally don't highlight this stuff unless it's popular. Just the fact that this is well received is always funny in itself, never mind how full of shit one has to be to claim "height only matters if you make it an issue." I've seen that line of thinking countless times, and it somehow always works. People simply love feel good bullshit, even when it's a blatant lie.

This actually reminded me of a good post I saw once, but never showed here. Here's some of it:

How can you blame short men for wanting to compensate for their height when they're constantly bombarded with messages from women telling them they need to compensate for their height ("he's short, but" / "I'd only date a short man, if" / ...and many will go right out and say something along the lines "he'd need more going for him if he was short") . Short men overcompensate to improve their comparatively low quality of life compared to most men. It's no different than someone from a low-income background working hard to improve his/her quality of life so it matches up with the rest of society's. It's nothing to be insulted for or sneered at. But of course short men need to know their place, so they must be put down if they start wanting to have more than the shitty hand they were dealt suggests they could have.

Even if short men do feel insecure about their height, let's think about the route of that insecurity - it's essentially just ambition derived from discrimination. If a black man who has been discriminated against becomes ambitious, it's a good thing. If a short man becomes ambitious, it's a negative thing. The halo effect is real, my friends.
I never thought of my height as a problem that needed overcoming until that message was repeatedly shoved in my face throughout my life (usually, by women).

Just saying, this whole situation is without reason. There isn't even a single decent source proving "short man syndrome" is an actual mental state (quite the opposite), yet people cite and accept it blindly. Of course, we're all supposed to be grateful when they even ignore our height at all (which they don't anyway, because otherwise they wouldn't label any short man with made up mental problems).

Here's another one:

I guess when sperm banks have height requirements, it's because the short sperm have Short Sperm Syndrome.

I'm sure if most short men were simply nicer, then women's height preferences would suddenly be 50/50. I wouldn't bet on it though. You know how Disney movies tend to portray ugly people as villainous? Since society views short men as less attractive, this is basically what's happening, only short men have an official label for it (short man syndrome).

I think deep down, women know their gender is very picky and one-sided about the whole height requirement/preference thing. This makes some feel like the "perverted men" society shames for wanting big tits or whatever, so they spin it around and put the blame on short men's personalities, no matter how many women outright admit they simply don't find short men physically attractive (the phrase "tall, dark and handsome" exists for a reason).

I don't consider "I don't date short men" as discrimination on its own, but once they throw around syndromes and complexes, that's heightism. Considering how height is the number one deal breaker in dating, I guess most short men must have this syndrome. If someone implied this about any other genetic group, like "anyone with this physical trait is more likely to be a bad person," that would be considered prejudice. Short men though? Apparently not. I've seen numbers showing how Asian men and black women do worse in dating. People blame stereotypes, culture, media portrayals etc. but nobody dares to outright claim "these people do worse because they're predisposed to being nasty individuals."

Not only do most women find short men less attractive, people rub salt in the wound by claiming it's only because of "short man syndrome." Too bad they can never tell when a guy has domestic violence syndrome, or when he'll cheat. I wonder how those men ever get dates in the first place. Bad personality traits are so unattractive, right?

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