Typical Responses to Excuse Heightism: "You're Just Insecure/It's Just a Joke Bro"

I came across a good comment summing up how heightism traps short men into never fighting back:

"One guy innocently points out that as a shorter guy it sucks to see the author refer to short men as stumpy and taller men as impressive, only to have another user reply to him with this:
'And all the coverage on Chris Christie's weight, despite him being quite physically able. Come on, is this American Idol? The fact that people care so deeply just shows how insecure they are.'
That sums up western hatred to short men just there. 'It's just a prank bro. Learn to laugh at your shorter stature. If you have a problem with me mocking your height that just makes you insecure now'.
Fuck society. Humanity really hasn't come that far it seems. No wonder so many people just put a pistol to their head these days. People are dicks." - Original comment.

I've seen many short men who believe that by mocking their own height, heightism will be remedied, i.e. by calling themselves "manlets" they "own it" or something. Or they simply shut their mouths like good little boys, like a child getting scolded and not talking back. You see, defiance in the face of heightism makes one "insecure," so it's better to just "let it bounce off you."

It's all fairy tale bullshit. Convenient excuses, for the bullies to feel justified and the short men to do nothing, because deep down short men know that retaliating in any fashion is socially taboo. I once saw a popular comment outright state: "We don't hate short men. We only hate the ones who don't make fun of themselves." That's literally all a short man has to do to draw ire. He's not insulting their family or something, he just doesn't want to dance when they tell him to dance, so he's an asshole. Why any proud short man would want to bring joy and laughter (at his expense) to those who hold him in contempt, is beyond me. I've said it before: for many short men, I guess it's better to be the group clown than not be in any group at all. Think about how many self-deprecating short men already exist. Think about how many short men just "deal with it." Why has heightism not been quelled one bit? Rhetorical question.

It's also telling how every shot at short men is considered "just a prank," but merely pointing out a woman's weight is considered poor taste in this society, let alone publicly mocking a fat lady. I've seen this mentality several times: a short man is mocked, another person replaces "short man" with "fat woman," then somebody else claims the fat line is maliciousness and therefore rude, but the short "jokes" are fun and games. What these people don't understand is that they've been taught by society to think everything towards short men is harmless, while anything about a woman's body is shaming. Name one joke about short men that people agree is rude. Now tell me a joke about fat women that people consider inoffensive.

Remember: short men are not insecure when telling people to fuck off for discriminating. In fact, it's objectively the harder course of action, as everyone will gang up on short men who "take themselves too seriously." These short men are "insecure, sensitive, bitter, have short man syndrome," etc... Fight back regardless. Think of it this way: they already have no respect for short men in general.

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