Random Tall Guy Acts As Police Officer/Security Guard

AKA "What Complex Would This Be?" Part 2 (part 1 is here).

2:25 is when the action starts:

Lesson here is that you can shove people and order them around, then receive zero repercussions, so long as you're a tall dude who does bicep curls.

In these situations, no short man can truly win and tall bullies know it. There are only three options for short men:
  1. The shorter man slinkers away like a coward. These scumbags get away with it, and go through the rest of their lives walking around like they own the place.
  2. Short man is too weak yet retaliates anyway, getting his ass kicked.
  3. The short man is trained in combat/built like a bulldog, and thus feels confident enough to fight back verbally/physically. Here, he'd likely be labeled with a complex or syndrome, even though tall men are quicker to flip out.
Personally, I'd go with number three. The moment the tall guy put his hands on that stranger, and invaded his personal space to get in his face, it's fair game. Obviously due to legal reasons, it would be unwise to curbstomp him into the pavement, but a simple takedown and submission to restrain him is no big deal. Since there's no respect to lose in the first place, socially it doesn't matter. Either they think you're a typical short wimp, or a classic example of sensitive short man syndrome. Tall men are never reprimanded en masse.

Unfortunately, the little guy in the video decided to preach in public whilst being scrawny and having no means of defense. Guess he never learned that free speech is a myth, especially if you're a shorter man. Whatever you happen to be rambling about, pray The Tall Patrol is not watching, for they are ever vigilant and ready to make sure your short ass knows its place.

Yet only short men will ever be universally stereotyped as control freaks. When people say "life isn't fair," they really mean "society lets tall men get away with shit." When people claim the law protects the weak, they tend to leave out how the law also protects bullies from consequences.

I'm just left wondering if our tall hero has a poor quality of life. I doubt it, despite those who claim bullies are insecure and have no friends. Since bullies tend to have more self-esteem, that has to come from somewhere. To have the audacity to pull what he did, he must fancy himself a god.  People probably respect him more often, because our language has caused society to take "look up to" literally. Even though women claim it's often about personality and not looks, I'd bet a ton of money that this tall guy gets laid more often than the nicest short men, especially non-white ones.

Now if only everyone would admit all this. After all, nobody in the video did anything to stop the tall guy. They turned a blind eye at best, snickered at worst. I wonder why. It's almost like this "alpha male, king of the jungle" behavior is normalized in society. Of course, when short men play this game, it's called Short Man Syndrome. The fact that only short men have a label for this proves how tall men play by different rules.

Still, short men shouldn't let heightism or stereotype threats determine their victimhood. The moment a short man trains with weights and combat sports, he's compensating. If he acts defiantly in public, he's a Napoleon. I have seen countless short men use these excuses to remain weak. Don't. That's what these labels are meant to do. Our media often portrays tall men as superheroes, but at the end of the day, they bleed and they break, so don't be so easily spooked. They won't flick you away with one finger.

To end on a good note, not every short man allows himself to be pushed around, and bless them for that.

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