This Is What I Mean When I Talk About Backhanded Compliments

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This image was very popular with short men where I found it. It seems like short men are so starved for affection, they happily accept backhanded compliments.

If a girl told my Asian ass "you have the strength of a white man," I wouldn't take that as a good thing. I would think she harbors racist beliefs. Same with height. People believe taller is better, so when a girl's boyfriend is short, he has to be "tall on the inside" or some shit.

So long as we excuse and encourage this mentality, heightism will never change. There's no sugarcoating it. Still, I'll admit the odds of finding someone who doesn't think this way are slim, so most short men either take it or leave it.

Pathetic state of affairs. Even small breasted women have loads of defenders when they're insinuated to be inferior. See here. I doubt "you have big titties on the inside" would make sense or be accepted by most people. I'd be laughed out of the conversation, not embraced the way short men embrace backhanded compliments.

Life isn't fair, right? More like people go mad for tall height. If we linked this much mental positivity to any other physical trait, it would be deemed a fetish or flat out bigotry.

Here is perhaps the best example of this "great short men are tall" mentality: 5'2 Victor Espinoza is told he performs like a tall man. Guess he wasn't positive or confident enough to simply be a great short man. Great short men are "taller in many metaphorical respects."

Related: a mom tells her son "A man is at his tallest when he stoops to help another," and so I've always told him to "walk tall."


  1. Quite right Luke. Short men not only accept back-handed "compliments" but most of them are so deluded that they get maliciously derided by a girl/woman and think that she's trying to flirt with them!!! I distinctly remember one short "cuck" on reddit/r/short that some street hoe said to him, "Hey midget!", and the idiot actually thought that she was trying to flirt with him!!!! That's how bad it can get. As a matter of fact, reddit/r/short is a haven for deluded short men. Just post a comment there with half an ounce of sense in it, and you'll be attacked by all the short idiots suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. The moment women or a tall guy is involved, most short men shut their mouths and hope they get a treat. They'd rather waste their breath attacking the short men who defend them, rather than confront those who hold heightist beliefs. Even anonymously online, they try to prove how they deserve a pat on the head, lest they offend their masters. The cowardice is insane.

      I would hate to see how these short men act offline. A woman or tall guy could probably smack them on the head, and these short guys would say "thank you, may I have another?" Stockholm Syndrome describes this perfectly. They've come to love this predicament. Like I said, this is why we get nowhere.