Apparently, This Blog Is a "Tumblr-Esque Turd"

"Fuck you, man, that's all I can say... Aside from all this other shit."

Gotta love getting shit talked by some guy with "666" in his name. I'm not surprised. It's open season on us. This dude has been stalking my blog since finding it, yet acts like I'm forcing him at gunpoint to read everything. I've been amiable with his shitposting for some time now, but he randomly decided to flip out like I insulted his family. This isn't the first time my blog has garnered outrage, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Remember, "discussing heightism" will always be regarded as "insecure whining." Short men are not allowed to delve into heightism. Even on our own blogs we are lectured about life by admitted tall guys. Ironically, they get more pissed at me than I get at heightism. If only tall guys directed this much venom at heightism, then we'd be getting somewhere. How often do you see a non-short man angrily comment against heightist media? They would instead take their time to hate on me, rather than giant corporations that shit on millions. Unless my little old site is somehow less trivial. Also, what was 6'8 John Kenneth Galbraith whining about when he said "the bias towards tallness and against shortness is one of society's most blatant and forgiven prejudices"?

My favorite line is "if you continue like this you're just going to fulfill more heightist stereotypes." If I spoke these exact same words, but as a tall guy, would I be made to worry about stereotypes? Rhetorical question. Maybe this is part of the problem, the fact that a man's height determines how much he has to watch his mouth. Notice how these commenters are allowed to be rude to me, but I am socially obligated to never offend them. In the original blog post, I was not even cussing angrily or anything like that. On this note, let me proclaim that I believe white people to be evil. Now no white person can ever post a scathing comment again on my blog, or else my preconceived notions are further fueled. I'm sure any white person who hates my blog will now shut up due to this ingenious setup. As for "making millions to laugh at bigots," that would be nice, but I'm not sure what becoming rich would do against heightism. Sounds more like "bury your head in the sand" to me. There have been wealthy short men and nothing's changed. The best part is how I'm expected to ignore prejudice, because prejudiced people will always exist, while at the same time I'm expected to live in fear of fueling prejudices. So do I ignore it or not? Speaking of which, you know what makes prejudice worse? Not doing anything about it and letting it spread.

At least for every comment insulting me, I have received positive feedback from various short people, so at least some appreciate my approach. Since only half a dozen sites are about heightism, I try to add more. Then again, most blogs technically accomplish nothing, so I guess it's all the same. Let's attack all webpages unless they're literally accomplishing something, like donating to kids in Africa. I'd also love to see what people think of sites like, which are even more in-your-face than mine. They'd probably have an aneurysm. Point is, this is my page and I will say whatever I want. Unless you catch me being racist or homophobic or whatever, I will not censor myself any more or less than the average person has to. If somebody wants to hate all short people because of my blog, that'd be ironic, wouldn't it? We all know a tall guy could curb stomp them and they'd never judge tall men en masse.

At the end of the day, height discrimination affects employment, suicide, etc. Society claims to care about wage gaps and mental health, yet people don't even regard heightism as actual prejudice since it mostly affects men. It's considered "whining" to talk about an issue that affects employment and depression, but by all means complain about sites that discuss it. We're still stuck in the phase of grilling short men's behavior rather than anyone else's behavior. Despite all this, I'm supposed to shut this blog down already? In a society that considers it rude to merely ask a woman her weight, if you don't support double standards, then get out of the way instead of trying to shutdown those shedding light on the issue.

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