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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Apparently, This Blog Is a "Tumblr-Esque Turd"

"Fuck you, man, that's all I can say... Aside from all this other shit."

Gotta love getting shit talked by a self-professed pencilneck with "666" in his name. I'm not surprised. Even users on IGN and Gamefaqs talk trash to short men. It's open season on us, so even 6'2 Glaswegian types can feel powerful. Doubt they say "fuck you" to anyone in real life. Seriously, when someone who has no callouses on their hands claims that I'm whining, that's hilarious. They'd probably be the ones whining if I forced them to deadlift or try combat sports.

This dude has been stalking my blog since finding it, yet acts like I'm forcing his face against the screen to read everything. I've been amiable with his shitposting for some time now, but he randomly decided to flip out like I insulted his family. Perhaps he wears lifts so I touched a nerve. Either way, might as well write this post for everyone like him, as I've run into his type multiple times.

Remember, "discussing heightism" will always be regarded as "insecure whining." Short men are not allowed to delve into heightism. Even on our own blogs we are lectured about life by admitted tall guys. Ironically, they get more pissed at me than I get at heightism. If only tall guys directed this much venom at heightism, then we'd be getting somewhere. How often do you see a non-short man angrily comment against heightist media? They would rather take their time to hate on me over giants corporations that shit on millions. Unless my little old site is somehow less trivial, guess who's the easier target to take things out on? Meanwhile, I'm not even allowed to point out the contradiction of a confident short man seeking taller shoes.

My favorite line is "if you continue like this you're just going to fulfill more heightist stereotypes." That's like forcing every Asian man to own a car, lest we perpetuate the "can't drive" stereotype. Or encouraging us to fail at math and throw out all eyeglasses, lest we confirm the nerd stereotype. We shouldn't have to worry about being trapped by these stereotypes in the first place, let alone be afraid of them. What a joke. The one who's stereotyped is the one who has to change, not those doing the stereotyping. Baffles the mind, especially when coming from a tall white guy. Unless he's a ginger or something, he has no idea what it's like to do something and have it linked to the body, rather than the mind. The fact that he insinuated such a thing probably means he's harboring heightist beliefs. Why go there otherwise? If I spoke these exact same words, but as a tall guy, would I be made to worry about stereotypes? Rhetorical question.

The only ones who have used the stereotype threat on me either have no stereotypes, or they're the most cowardly and complacent amongst the marginalized. You know, short guys who want to lift weights or buy a large vehicle, but are afraid of being used as a bad example. "Don't get too bulky powerlifting bro, you'll look like the typical compensating short guy. I let tall guys do what they want with their bodies though." That type. I spit on them then, and I spit on them now. Hey, Mr. Confident Short Man Who Wears Thick Shoes to Look Taller, what's up? I still hope your kind dies soon. It'd make things easier for me. As for "making millions to laugh at bigots," that would be nice, but I'm not sure what becoming rich would do against heightism. There are tons of wealthy short men and nothing's changed. Or is this more of the whole individualism selfish lifestyle thing? Hide in a comfortable bubble, etc.

By the way, according to Google's statistics, many people read my blog and others have left comments. I've also received positive feedback from short men, so at least some people appreciate my pull-no-punches approach. Since only half a dozen sites are about heightism, I try to add more. Making up for lost time, if you will. There's no point adding yet another anti-school or racism blog, countless of them exist these days. Then again, most blogs technically accomplish nothing, so I guess it's all the same. Let's attack all webpages unless they're literally accomplishing something, like donating to kids in Africa.

This is my page and I will say whatever I want, just like I do in real life. Even if all 7+ billion people told me I was wrong, I will never change. It all goes back to high school. If I faltered so easily, I never would've told the vice principal what a hypocrite he was, and thus would've stayed in school. Too many guys write about heightism then suddenly give up. I don't want to be like that. I'd also love to see what the haters think of sites like supportfortheshort.org, which are even more in-your-face than mine. They'd probably have an aneurysm.

Point is, if anyone doesn't like talk of heightism, they should fuck off without taking a dump in the comments. I won't close my comments section on the account of the occasional troll, but this is getting tiresome. They parrot the same old bullshit so much that it can be made into a bingo drinking game. Why would these lines suddenly work on me now?

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