Tuesday, 22 September 2015

5'2 Victor Espinoza (Jockey) on Dancing with the Stars

All the judges talked about was his size instead of the dance, and he was voted off that same night. Shocking. I mean, the judges made him seem so cool, right?

Skip to 3:35.

Backup link if the video gets taken down: https://streamable.com/ul6mv

Blatant proof of heightism right there. The judges link positive attributes to taller height, so when a short man displays confidence, he's defying his inferior body rather than simply being great. If height didn't matter, then why even bring it up? The judges treated him like a toddler trying to dress up like his father. They painted him out to be a poseur, a boy in a man's world playing pretend. "Awwww..."

All he could do was smile like a goof and be "positive" because it's taboo for short men to stand up for ourselves. He would've been "sensitive" and "overreacting" if he talked back. Remember, short men with dignity are insecure. Secure short men take it up the ass.

Funny word swaps from where I found the video:

"Victor you looked like you were Irish white on that stage"
"Victor you had the commanding presence of a white man"
"whoever said race matters never met you, because that was incredible and because of the race difference it didn't even matter"

Another good quote:

"Don't forget: being praised for seeming taller is supposed to be a compliment for us."

I guess had Victor's personality been better and he exuded more confidence, he might've had a chance. After all, nobody cares about height.

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