5'0 Guy Pays Woman to Live With Him

Incredibly sad if true: https://archive.is/hQzAQ

This guy's story could be fabricated, but I prefer reading the responses anyway rather than the original post itself. My favorite comments are the ones telling him to get therapy and confidence. No really, do a word search for "confidence." Perhaps society should get therapy en masse about its height obsession.

Best comments:
"there are plenty of women who love short men of average attractiveness"
Blatant lie. There are women who "don't mind/look past" the oh-so disgusting flaw of being a short man, but there are certainly not "plenty" of women who love such men, unless this person meant women who love these men in spite of such traits, and even that's few and far inbetween.
"I know how you feel man, being 5 '5 isn't much better, no one respects us short guys. I try everything, I drive a red sports car, I work out, I show confidence, I even try big shoes that add some extra inches. But there's always guys who can stare straight down at me, and everyone notices. Plus us short guys aren't usually big where it counts either =(. It suuuucks. It just puts a dent in my self esteem sometimes when the average man towers over me."
Supposedly shows confidence but tries to wear thicker shoes. Imagine if I said "it puts a dent in my self esteem when the average man is lighter skinned than me." Is that not insecurity? What is it with the emphasis on "towering over" someone anyway? A giraffe towers over an elephant.

The last great comment is from some matchmaker whose 5'0 client got instantly rejected over 50+ times. Also click here for an interview from a dating expert about height. Would all the women who claim "I love you" to their man still say that if he were born 5'0?

Either way, it's not so much the dating itself that's the issue, it's all the platitudes and lies. People think they're helping, but it's super unoriginal at best, and borderline gaslighting at worst. I have proof that this is all bullshit, because take notice any time an ugly woman can't find a date: nobody brings up therapy, her personality, or confidence.


  1. Fuck you, man, that's all I can say. You've turned this place into a tumblr-esque turd.

    Do people have prejudices? Hell yes. Are they assholes? Hell yes. Is whining about it here going to accomplish anything? Hell no.

    Where's the post about your awesome project that will make you millions so you can laugh in the face of idiotic heightist bigots? Or how you rekt some asshole's argument? Or literally anything on any topic that makes you seem like an actual 3D complete human being?

    If there's anyone who deserves to be called a single-issue whiny bastard, it's me, and even by my standards this crosses the line seven times and ties it in a knot. It's like you're actively searching for stuff to make you angry, and then getting publicly angry about it. In a way that you explain, nay, ADVERTISE is considered "wrong" or "pissy" by mainstream society. You claim that the man who wears larger shoes is self-hating, but you've turned yourself into a one-man freak show, and you've installed the giant neon lights yourself. If you continue like this you're just going to fulfill and fuel heightist stereotypes.

    1. Fuck off. You make it sound like this blog is all I do. I have other shit I do because it doesn't take 24 hours to post this stuff. By the way, since you're blind, the place I found this post is a general forum called "confessions." It's not like I look for all this stuff in height-related places. Other people randomly talk about this.

      I'll "fulfill" whatever stereotypes I want. The fact that I even have to worry about stereotypes is the problem, yet I'm the one who has to tiptoe on glass. Of course, I don't expect a self-professed tall white guy to understand any of this. You're the tumblr-type trying to censor me because you don't like what I'm saying. You're the one who randomly shitposts here and flips out whenever I mention physical strength or some shit, like a true weakass bitch.

      This is my blog and I'll post whatever I want. Since when did you remotely have a say here? You're acting I'm typing this on your site. Don't like it, leave. It advertises "heightism" right at the top. It's like you go into some porn category and whine about seeing what's advertised. Blind shit. I ain't forcing you to read anything here. Fact. I dare you to deny this.