Monday, 10 August 2015

Short Men Are Automatically Hilarious Just For Existing

Truly witty and clever. A real knee-slapper. The comments are the best part. Remember, these are actual people one would see in everyday life. We should have a video where a really dark black dude is laughed at in a lineup of really pale white guys. Don't be mad, it's just a sight gag, so let's like it over 30,000 times and share it over 70,000 times. Yes, I'm comparing heightism and racism, not equating them. I always need this disclaimer because people are retarded.

The video reminds me of this picture: 5'8 Kit Harington standing with 5'9 Sophie Turner and 6'3 Gwendoline Christie. The two actresses are much taller than the average woman (plus they're wearing heels), yet the short man is the one used as the punchline (because short men are weak you see). It's always the man who's too short. It's never the women who are too tall.

I'm not saying tall women should be made fun of instead, but c'mon, at least be equal with these so-called harmless jokes. Short men are automatically hilarious just for existing. Just for standing there being short. I guess I'll never understand society's sense of humor. I'll also never understand why short men are always told to bash ourselves/take mockery up the ass, like here, here, and here.
"Embrace being short and accept that it is part of you. Laugh when a girl rejects you at the bar for being too short and move on. Smile when someone uses you (all the fucking time) as an armrest. Recycle the short jokes you have heard all throughout high school and middle school on yourself and make people laugh."
I'll pass on the voluntary castration. How often would a 6 foot guy have to insult his own height, or receive heightist humiliation from others? Don't say "well, life isn't fair." Say, "society has a facade of equality." Once all the schools/governments/media admit society does not strive for equality, and instead has a huge height bias, I'll do a little jig like a monkey. For now, they're lying.

This isn't about attractiveness or however else people spin it, it's about being seen as a joke in everyday life. Short men are walking jokes. Well, society has a height joke alright, but I ain't laughing. The joke is that people are zombies when it comes to height. Perhaps they watch too many movies.

Update: a few days after I made this post, reddit has done it again: Sophie Turner and Gwendoline Christie taking out their adopted son to a dinner party

He's their adopted son only because he's shorter than they are. Wow.

Aside from specific subreddits designed to make fun of people, reddit in general has a politically correct facade. Mock flat or tall women in some random forum like Game of Thrones and there would be hell to pay. Short men, however, are everyone's bitch, the ones people use as target practice to feel better about themselves, with the added bonus of no political correctness.

One of the top posts says "You can see the regret in Kit's face, "Damnit why did I agree to having a photo with two really tall women in heels."

No. That's his regular 'I smell something funny' expression he does 24/7. It's even a damn meme, and I'm pretty sure these fans are just conveniently ignoring it to laugh at his stature.

People project this weird idea onto short men, where we're insecure due to simply standing next to taller women. I could stand next to a 20 foot lady and I wouldn't care. I hate these fuckers because they're the average retard off the street. "We're just kidding around bro. I actually think short men are a joke though."

I agree with the following:
"This is why I never take tall girls complaining about standing out for their appearance seriously. When a tall girl, or extremely tall girls in this case are stood next to a guy who is practically average height, guess who gets mocked? The 'manlet' of course"

"I wonder if someone made some joke about Kit taking his two pet giraffes out for a walk or something if people would still see it as "just as joke"

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