Asking About Height Is Okay, Asking About Breast Size Is Wrong

"okay a lot of guys down below (no pun intended) somehow believe that asking a guy for his height and asking a woman for her breast size are analogously sexual. But they're really straying from the original, sociological argument. My point was, as a woman, you can go up to men and ask them for their height and they'll give it to you (maybe with a bit of bitterness). Now if, as a man, you go around asking women who you've never met before for their cup size, it's creepy, it's SEXUAL HARASSMENT and the cops would likely start chasing you down the street. See the difference?"

I've seen this mentality before. Sometimes they replace bust size with fat women. Either way, this is an amazing level of delusion. If you click the link and check the user's profile, you'll find out this is a real woman and not some troll. I'm not saying women can't be trolls, but (unfortunately) this is a serious account.

I guess technically she's kind of right, because those are society's rules, although her point backfires because it just shows how backwards this is. Women care much more about height than men do about boobs, yet the former is okay to ask about but the latter is not. She later adds:

"You can go ahead and ask the girl directly if you can't really tell from the picture. But keep in mind, she's not going to be offended because she has a B cup. She's going to get offended because you're sexualizing her before you've even met her."

Kind of sounds like women sexualizing men by their height before knowing them, only women can do no wrong.

"I don't online date, but a lot of my friends do and the majority of short guys from what I've seen are FUCKING DECEITFUL. More often than not, I ask about their dates and I've heard "he made himself look a lot taller in his pictures." I guess they're hoping that their personality will shine through. Sound familiar?"

I don't get what this even means. If I take a photo next to my 5'0 sister, and only our upper bodies showed, no doubt some girl would think I'm 5'10 or something. So what? That's their problem. Apparently short men now have to take photos next to a measuring tape, or perhaps a 7 foot guy, so there's no doubt that we're short. Men also don't lie any more about height than women do with makeup, push up bras, fake eyelashes, silicone breasts, etc. Why the double standards?

Really, it's dumb to even compare height with breasts because there are loads of men who don't mind or actually love smaller tits. Now try finding a woman who would choose a 5'0 guy over a 6'0 guy. Finally, how often do we see breast size requirements the way height requirements are abundant?

I'm only posting this because I've seen similar hypocrisy in the past from countless people. She may just be one airhead, but there's more where she came from. As of this posting, her stupidity even got upvoted. We live amongst retards, but one person who isn't completely retarded is this man:

"kay a lot of you somehow believe that enslaving white guy and a black guy are just as wrong. But they're really straying from the original, sociological argument. My point was, as a white man, you can order around a black man and he will do what you say (maybe with a bit of bitterness). Now if, as a black man, you go and order around a white guy, it UPSETS THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS and people will try and stop it. See the difference? Yes, they're both enslavement but one is strange and unnatural and the other is just the way things are... get it now?"
-Slave Owner circa 1820

 Hope nobody ruins that analogy with the relative privation fallacy.

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