Friday, 17 July 2015

Proud Short Men Apparently Have to Self-Deprecate

I've found the problem here. I was a regular at "/R/verticallychallenged" until some people here decided that it was too demeaning. It wasn't. It was a part of making fun of yourself. If you cant make fun of yourself you will mark yourself as a vulnerable target for teasing, bullying and condescension.
And then there is the low self esteem. I see guys mostly just whining that they're short, a joke to everyone and no women will want them. Well, no woman wants a short guy if he's insecure too. Man the fuck up, you can have a huge presence even if you are small in stature.
I am 5'6 and I get teased occasionally, but once someone cracks a joke about my height I just top him with a better one. ( let's face it, we've heard them all, we should have a decent arsenal)
This is a place where we could have fun, but it somehow always spins into a "oh woe is me". And it's getting boring. Locate your testicles and gain some confidence. Once you have the confidence to not let anyone's remarks or prejudice budge you then people won't even notice that you're short, you're just not tall.
Stand proud, and no one will care if you're short.
I know many will assume I'm a troll because they can't face the fact that they are a big part of their own problem.

This is an old post from, but I came across it again while searching for something else. The "short" subreddit used to be called "verticallychallenged" but got changed because it was retarded. Vertically challenged by what? Gravity? Heightists? Are dark skinned people challenged by pigmentation?

True fucking delusion from the self-hater I quoted. Tells short men to stand proud while making fun of ourselves. If no one cared about our height so long as we're proud, we wouldn't have to make fun of it, let alone have others join in.

I can't believe self-deprecation is even a real suggestion. "If someone makes fun of you, simply approve and perpetuate it, then they'll stop!" What? Guys used to try and mock me. The moment I told them to fuck off, they did. They never disrespected me again. I'm speaking from experience. How the hell does the opposite make sense?

I've seen this before from other short guys. The moment you approve of these "jokes," they will rain down on you for the rest of your life. You will be the dart board in social gatherings, as douchebags will target you to elevate their own status, especially if the opposite sex is around. Society views shortness as inferior, no matter how confident you are, so short men are already easy targets. Why make it easier for them?

Out of curiosity, how often would a 6 foot guy have to make fun of his own height? If the answer is "never" then I will also pass on the height deprecation, citing equality. Can you imagine James Bond or Batman or some other tall hero constantly self-deprecating about their stature? It would be annoying and pathetic. Does Vladimir Putin make fun of his own height? Did Bruce Lee? Like them or not, they're proud and confident short men in my eyes, yet I can't recall any self-deprecation from them, at least not about height.

Society's idea of a confident short man is a jester. They want short men to be confident enough to be the group clown, a social punching bag. There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. Don't fall for this shit. Make fun of yourself for being a klutz or something, but don't insult your own height until heightism is a recognized prejudice. Studies show that self-deprecation, from those who can't afford it, comes off as weakness. Click here for more.

Finally, this moron says "then people won't even notice that you're short" like it's a positive. It's pretty obvious where the real low self-esteem lies. If he's so proud, why would he want that? That's like me hoping my 'konfidunce' causes people to ignore my skin color. He's like a tall girl hunching over during group gatherings. I want people to notice that I'm short, because it's who I am. If they think who I am is a joke, then they can kiss my ass. Guess that makes me a weak ass bitch.

All in all, it seems like some short men gave up on fighting back ages ago, and this is their way of rationalizing submissiveness and complacency. They're good little boys who dance like monkeys for their masters. When the standard for confidence is to grin like a doofus, it's easy being a tough guy, telling others to “man up” over the Internet. It's not like they actually have to show any toughness in real life, because all they do is take it up the ass and smile. I never knew being a proud short man was so simple. In all seriousness, I know society encourages this in short men, but delusional apathy is not a great trait.

This is not the visage of a proud short man, no matter what Garmins say.

A self-deprecating short guy is like a fighter who gets knocked out by no choice of his own, then later claims he let his opponent hit him. It's all bullshit because he would've gotten clocked anyway. From the moment our genetics are determined, short guys are made fun of no matter what we do, as "short" is an insult on its own. Therefore, these Garmins just pretend like the disrespect is within their control. "Oh, you didn't really make fun of me, because I let you do it." Either that or they're claiming they knocked themselves out first. "Joke's on you, I humiliated myself before you got to me! Therefore you didn't really win. I'm so smart and strong." Best part is when a fighter is getting destroyed but pretends like it doesn't hurt. Pure retardation no matter how one spins it, yet Garmins believe they're profound. I don't buy what they're selling for a second.
"His thick skin and ability to laugh at himself." It takes no thick skin to just shut-up and take the treatment... It takes a thick-skin to battle against heightism. - Source

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