Asian Mom Worried Her Sons Will Be Short and Asian

"For instance, what if they grow up to be short but they LOVE playing basketball like their father did as a kid?  Would I be blamed for this due to my 5’ 1” stature in their myopic adolescent tirades?  Their Chinese grandfather barely clears 5’ 3”. And yes, their father is southern Italian, so not much of the tall genes there either, but we all know the Asian will be blamed for this genetic demerit. Man, my sons will be pissed once they realize they’ve inherited my physical stature, right? In due time, they will be reminded of this."
Ha. "Genetic demerit." That's a new one.
A quality or characteristic deserving of blame or censure; a fault.
Height is always phrased as an achievement or fault, isn't it?

From some other lady: "Being below 5'7" is quite a low bar for a man to hit imo."

Apparently, aside from being disfigured or handicapped, being a short non-white male is the worst. I mention paraplegics because we're also compared to "those with gene mutations and physical disabilities."

The government should have a handicap fund for short Asian men to get eyelid, nose, jaw, and leg lengthening surgery. Throw in some free skin bleach as well. Then they'll pretend they're benevolent when they outright reject short men's DNA. With the amount of worry women have about short ethnic sons, it might as well be a disease, like you're afraid your kid will be born with syphilis or something.

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