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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Examples of Heightism as an Institutional Form of Oppression

Sources were copy/pasted from here.

Michigan includes height and weight in its equal protection statute

Height restrictions in Ivy League Schools

Sperm Bank height requirements

FDA rules that healthy short kids have a disease called "idiopathic short stature"

Boys committing suicide due to height bullying

Wage gap due to height discrimination greater than gender
http://www.livescience.com/5552-taller-people-earn-money.html ("Height was found to be more important than gender in determining income.")

Shorter candidates less likely to be hired or promoted
http://epubs.utah.edu/index.php/ulr/article/viewFile/246/218 ("One business expert has suggested that an additional four inches in height “makes much more difference in terms of success in a business career than any paper qualifications you have” and that it would be better to be “5 ft. 10 and a graduate of N.Y.U.’s business school than 5 ft. 6 and a Harvard Business School graduate.” Another commentator concluded that “being short is probably as much, or more, of a handicap to corporate success as being a woman or an African American.”") and http://www.jonathanrauch.com/jrauch_articles/height_discrimination_short_guys_finish_last/

Short people less likely to win elections

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