Thursday, 9 July 2015

"Maybe it's just that you don't look like a greek god when you're 5 feet tall"

I love when someone claims society's worship of tall men is biologically driven, then uses a societal idea like "Greek God" to describe it. This fool got told in the comments.

I keep telling people, the amount of social conditioning imposed on us is insane. What most people think of as "natural" is often man-made.

For example, drinking cow milk is widely considered normal and healthy, but it's far from natural to suck on the teet of a different species. Likewise, modern society believes its lust for tall males is innate, yet these studies say tribal people don't care about height. Is this the chicken or the egg? Is it possible to condition humans with imagery and language? Does it even matter where this started from?

People need to wake up. This whole thing is no different than idealizing skin color. Regardless of the source, height standards are currently driven by society's positive and negative stereotypes, yet most people think it's all a natural preference. If indigenous people do not fawn over tall height, then modern humans have no excuse.

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  1. Haven't you seen the photographic evidence of the Greek Gods' appearance? It is highly informative. They also proved that Santa Claus is black.