50 Page Thread About 5'7 Cloud Strife Being Too Short


Whether or not OP is a troll, it's funny how some people claim height isn't a big deal, yet here we have a giant thread about a fictional character being "too short." The only reason I think this might not be a troll, is because I've seen this mentality before, often expressed genuinely.

People have complained about Wolverine being 5'3 in the comics (claiming it to be comical), and Hollywood also purposely casted Superman to be shorter than Batman, because they take "looking up to" literally.

If shorter men are too ridiculous for fiction, we might as well have no female characters beating men up (because we all know that's realistic). Most male protagonists are already tall, yet it's never enough for some.

What are the odds of these gamers lifting heavy weights and training in combat sports? Probably 1:99, and I'm being generous. When even nerd culture has the audacity to spit on short men, that says something. This isn't some typical tall roided jock bullying.

I know why this is. They're weak and stupid, but when they go to bed at night, they think "at least I'm better than short men." Then they smile smugly and fall asleep. Whether consciously or subconsciously, society always has to feel genetically superior to some group.

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