Is This Feminist Serious?

I found this on supportfortheshort's Twitter:

This bitch has over 57K followers. Excerpts from her site:
"I am a feminist and as such, I believe that men and women should be treated equally and granted equal access to resources such as education, employment, government, etc. I am a woman. My idea of womanhood and femininity is my own and I own it."

"I’m a woman who listens. I’m a woman who thinks critically. Sometimes, people pull ideas out of nowhere and try to substantiate them with anecdotal “evidence”. That doesn’t work for me. When I observe a pattern or trend in behaviors, I do some research to see if the conclusions I’ve drawn are remotely true. If I’m totally off-base, I chuck the idea until I find more information to validate my theories."

"I’m a lover. I love myself, I love others. I love the beauty of life and I love examining and critiquing the ugly parts."
Oh boy. I ain't even mad. Just amused and flabbergasted. No doubt she would be offended if someone assumed things due to her race or gender, but assuming random shit about short cops? A-OK for this feminist.

Others may claim "she's not a real feminist," but I believe she is. Feminists are just like everyone else. They can have intelligent or stupid ideas. Some women have noted, and I quote, "But I've noticed that the subject of male height has the capacity to turn even the most open-minded and feminist of my friends into straight-up bitches."

Many feminists also use typical excuses when they fawn over tall men and hate on short men. Read more here. They may claim to hate how men have more status and power, but they only attack the vulnerable ones.

The government needs to send this memo to all males: if you're below average height, you're not allowed to do anything. Lift weights, join law enforcement, become president, etc. Almost everyone (including feminists) will assume everything you do is linked to your height.

P.S. I'm no ball licker when it comes to cops. I just found this funny.

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