Backhanded Compliments for Short Men

The best a short man will ever be, is cute, like a puppy or little brother:

Meanwhile, tall guys are sexy or hot.

Even the compliments we get seem backhanded and patronizing. I've also heard "short men are less threatening" before as a compliment. That's not a positive in my book, as it invites bullying and condescension.

I'm finding more and more similarities between short men and Asian men, in the way we're universally deemed less threatening (in general, not just in dating). Still, I've seen white guys get blasted for saying, "I prefer Asian women because they're submissive/feminine." Yet girls can essentially say they think short men are weak and harmless as a positive, and that's just a fact/preference.

Beggars can't be choosers, right? Better to be viewed as a toddler than ugly... Ha! I'm actually just posting this for fun as the "cute" thing doesn't apply to me. I have the face of a troll and the body of a gorilla, so I've been told by other guys I look older and scary.

Of course, a short guy who's intimidating is not cool like a tall bad boy, he's just off-putting. If he's short and skinny and boyish, they'll want to pat him on the head like a child. If he's masculine and bulky, then he's an overcompensating stump.

Oh well. Can't ever win 100% as a short guy. Become president? Napoleon Complex. Lift weights? Compensating. Girls find you attractive? Sike, you're just "cute." What, did you think you could make them pant and sweat heavily? Silly little man.

Adding an extra note: people try to defend this shit with evo psych like, "one of the best way to scare off any animal is to appear as tall and menacing as possible. It isn't a societal thing, it's animal instinct." Fact of the matter is that the tallest land animal is the giraffe, but I doubt elephants are intimidated when they look up at them. Animals care more about overall mass, not height.

So even though taller people weigh more on average, that doesn't matter because most girls are more afraid of a 160 lb tall guy than a 200 lb short man. I'd bet money on it. Human society links power to height alone, not overall size. Many do not take short, well-built men seriously, yet stocky animals like rhinos or gorillas are feared in the wild. Makes no sense.


  1. Everything is relative. Long man and short man are equal peoples as compared to the diameter of our planet.
    We can use different measurement systems. We can even use metaphors, allegories and hyperbole.
    The father of my colleagues is a short man. But he is highly respected for his daughter (my colleague). So she don't know even that he is so small. She thinks he is a big man - a giant.
    Look at humanity from the height of the satellite's orbit. What are the people? If a short person sees the world only from his body, then he is subjective.
    And look at some of undersized artists that they have millions fans. For example, Tom Cruise.
    Short stature is a motivation, and that is good.
    Sport, talent, development of intelligence... Yes, we can call it compensation. So what? We need strong incentives.
    Tall people also need the motivation. This is good if it is bald or big-nosed. But if he is the ideal? What is the incentive it then? ;)

  2. If you think I fit this arbitrary, artificial stereotype based solely on physical features, you are shallow! WHY DON'T YOU THINK I FIT A DIFFERENT ARBITRARY, ARTIFICIAL STEREOTYPE, ALSO BASED SOLELY ON PHYSICAL FEATURES?!?

    1. Lol lay off the caps. My point is that it would be nice to be rewarded for doing the exact same things.

      For example, an Asian who's good at math is good because they're Asian. Meanwhile, a white person would simply be good at math.

      Likewise, short guys do the exact same things as tall guys, but we're labeled differently. Capeesh? I just hate double standards.