More Thoughts On Self-Deprecation

I've noticed that whenever someone criticizes self-deprecation, another person tries to say "why are you taking yourself so seriously? Make fun of yourself!"

Here's the thing. I'm not asking people to act like I'm king when I walk into a room. I simply refuse to be a court jester. I'm not taking myself too seriously. I just don't see what's so funny about my genetics.

It's so awkward when I see Asian guys calling themselves chinks and making fun of their own dicks (non-Asians also think so). It's equally weird when short men act like clowns to fit in, even if it means their only role in the group is to act as a punching bag.

I know for a fact Bruce Lee didn't make fun of his own height or ethnicity. Bruce was the antithesis of self-deprecation, because it's better to demand respect than grovel for acceptance.

I think it's all bullshit. If I goof up on something, let's all have a laugh, but making fun of how I was born is retarded. If people want cheap humor that bad, they can go find it online. If you want to read a longer post on self-deprecating, you can find one here along with the science behind it.

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