6'6 Guy Gets A Date Just Because He's 6'6

I used to think height doesn't automatically get you women. It's more of a huge advantage, like giving a medieval warrior a gun. If that warrior fails to pull the trigger, it doesn't mean he never held the upper hand, he just failed to use it.

However, now I believe many women would welcome a man just for his height alone. Convicted 6'7 murderer Joran van der Sloot received fan mail and was married in prison. There was this talk show lady who asked if some dude was single, simply because she heard he was 6'2 (she never saw him).

To those who say height doesn't matter, has any 5'0 man ever gotten a free date simply by stating he's 5'0? If personality matters so much more, no asshole would ever get laid. Tall serial killers and rapists would all be kissless virgins.

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