Upset By How Easily Women Are Sexualized

"I can’t express how upset it makes me that shyness in women is sexualized, anger in women is sexualized, ignorance/ lack of intelligence is sexualized, intelligence is sexualized- being a woman is being sexualized for everything you feel or do."

I find it funny when women complain about how easy it is to be sexualized. Perhaps it's because I've been called "ugly" by girls and my own mother.

There are men who will never be more than "just friends" unless they're exceptional. Shorts guys, ugly guys, whatever. Any flaw in their character will be used as an excuse to avoid them. I wish men could be shy, dumb, and angry yet still easily desired for it.

I guess this is a case of grass being greener on the other side... Or maybe some people have run out of things to complain about. There's a reason why only shy boys are told to "be moar konfidunt" when it comes to sex/dating. Meanwhile, confident women are sexy and shy women are sexy. What blasphemy.

"Boo!!! You like me too easily! Booooo!"

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