For Some Feminists, the Line's Arbitrarily Drawn At Height

"It’s not heightism it’s masculinity expectations enacted by a patriarchal society, People so often attempt to diagnose and treat issues at a topical level and not go to it’s source. which results in something bizarre like “heightism” No doubt there is a stigma towards short men—which travels through to children as most discrimination does— but it’s not a systemic institution of oppression." (2015 update: sources on heightism as an institutional form of oppression.)

Look at this heightism compilation and tell me it's not countless women despising short men. Of course, when men treat others like shit, they're assholes. When women do it, it's because they're "influenced by masculinity expectations." Convenient. The irony is that these feminists are saying women are so dumb that they're brainwashed from birth and never realize enough to stop.

Men commit suicide at 3-7 times the rate of women, yet it's still "the patriarchy." Ever think it's 2014 and maybe some ladies are the ones treating others like dog shit? Just a thought. It always makes me laugh when gung-ho social justice warriors dismiss heightism as a big issue, and I found a comment that addresses this below:

"We can play the game of “all squares are rectangles”, etc, but that’s irrelevant to the fact that SJ groups are supposed to oppose bullying on grounds of race, sex, orientation, gender, disability, etc, but the line is being drawn arbitrarily at height? No one would disagree that those with dwarfism face oppression, but if we add 2 inches and take away the medical diagnosis of dwarfism, suddenly these people don’t get the support of social justice groups? If short kids are killing themselves over a societal bias against them, I don’t care if it fits your definition of “oppression.” The graves these children were buried in remain occupied either way. They were people, they mattered, and they’re gone. Don’t disrespect that by playing a semantics game with the word “oppression” because it does nothing but derail from the tragedies that happened here."

I've had "feminists" spam my blog before for even daring to criticize them, so if they want to do it again, go right ahead. Of course, when a feminist fucks up, they're not a real feminist, they were just a bad apple. Feminism is the true shining beacon of light in this misogynistic world, ain't it? I love all the feminist articles defending short men, since others don't like us because of sexism, right?

Perhaps they'll tell short guys feminism fights for downtrodden men as well so we can count on them, then turn around and claim feminism isn't about men so we shouldn't expect any benefits. Feminists can't even make up their minds amongst themselves. What a joke.

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