Double Standards Regarding Height/Race/Weight

"I think a lot of people dismiss how socialized we are to be attracted to certain races (i.e. mostly white people). This happened to me, actually. But after years of self reflection on that front, I've come to realize men of all colors can be attractive. It's not something you undo so easily, so a lot of people just chalk it up to preference."

The comment above had 70 upvotes. When I see the same point being made for height and how we've been conditioned to prefer taller men, it gets downvoted into oblivion in that very same forum.

The politically correct are so transparent. Society tells them not to be prejudiced when it comes to skin color, so they have no choice but to admit it's not a "natural" preference. Their schools and media don't tell them anything about height, so it's "biological instinct" to find short men unattractive.

Stay classy with the mental gymnastics. Here's another:

This community also talks about fat shaming as a serious issue, but discuss height and suddenly it's all about how these short guys have poor attitudes. Yeah, you read that right. They shame others when it comes to the plights of fat women, but they would sooner point fingers at short men themselves when it comes to height issues. There's also a massive denial of statistics when it doesn't fit the narrative. Somebody else tried making sense of these double standards so there's that at least.

Just goes to show how powerful social influence is. Society launched many studies about body image issues/unrealistic body standards for women, and feminism coined phrases like "fat shaming" and "body positivity," so people these days empathize with fat girls. People also impulsively care about women in general (the "women and children" line). Since heightism mostly affects short men, people couldn't care less, even though weight says more about somebody's lifestyle/habits than stature. Logic is nowhere to be found. Only political correctness exists.

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