Feminists Use the Same Lines As Non-Feminists to Justify Their Height Prejudices

It seems like many feminists use the same lines as non-feminists to justify their height prejudices:

It's just a preference/natural/biological
height is good
I melt in a tall man's arms
shorter men are awkward
it's the short men who are insecure

I'm getting these quotes from the comments of this feminist website. Some of them at least blame social conditioning (instead of instincts) for their love of tall men, but at the end of the day, they vastly prefer tall men just like non-feminists. There's practically no difference in their actions, only their words.

People can parrot the word "preference" all they want, but they're just covering up their prejudice so they don't seem superficial. By definition these preferences are rooted in prejudice ("any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable"). "Preconceived" is the key word here - this preconceived feeling that short men are less favorable than tall men. Whether this preconception is biological or socially programmed is a whole different matter, but I did find one comment on that feminist site which was intriguing:


I think, therefore I am” ~ Descartes. apply it. You think you need a taller man, then you will get it. You think short guys are not for you, then they’re not...

There were other ladies who admitted height requirements are not exactly feminist in nature, but they still preferred tall men, so thanks for that I guess. It's just funny how feminists complain about men having more status and power, yet many of these feminists prefer traits with status and power, like tall height. Some don't even bother trying to question or change that. They just shrug and say, "Too bad shorties. We like what we like. Don't oppress our sexuality!"

Perhaps that's why feminists target geeks and nerds rather than the actual powerful males of society. Notice how they complain about female beauty standards in media (like waist and breast size), but rarely mention how most male protagonists are tall and ripped with pretty hair. They want to feel like rebels fighting an uphill battle against the almighty patriarchy, but they don't want to piss off the men they fantasize about: the tall, rich, influential, etc. They want to live life as a hero without any actual struggle, to judge but not be judged. The best of both worlds.

My point is, do not expect feminists to be any more or less receptive to short men. Apparently, everyone has been programmed to put tall men on a pedestal, and changing this mentality seems to be too much work for feminists and non-feminists alike. They go on and on about how men oppress them, but at the end of the day they bow down to tall men, the same as everyone else. Whether they claim it's due to nature or nurture, they want to be with a man whose height is perceived as positive, rather than one whose height is riddled with stereotypes and labels. Truly brave. Way to stick it to those pesky gender norms.

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