They're Really Reaching Now - Periods and Doggy Style

"Women, like men, are animals. They follow their instinct to seek for a protector role. Just as men follow their instincts to seek childbearing features on women (breasts, wide hips, nurturing disposition), women prefer tall men."

"Not to mention it is easier to mount a mate and reproduce if you are taller. I'm sure that has been ingrained in us somewhere along the line."

"I'd like to think it is cultural, but it seems so ubiquitous. This paper seems to suggest women prefer taller men when they are menstruating. This seems to suggest that the female sex drive pushes women to prefer taller men (for their genes) during times when they are most fertile. That leads me to conclude there is at least some genetic element or predisposition for women to prefer taller men."

I'll make this simple to understand. Women don't directly want tall men when they're menstruating. At the most basic level, women simply want sex when they're menstruating. What type of men is associated with sex in the media, tall or short? It's like how many Asian women prefer Caucasian men, because Asian men are practically seen as asexual in society. If it can happen with a genetic trait like skin color, I don't see why height would be exempt.

For the record, I don't believe most women dislike short men. They just don't associate short men with sex appeal, because the only fictional short guy who gets any action is comic version Wolverine, and how many girls read comics? Even Tom Cruise is tall when he gets laid in films. Watch some anime with a short male protagonist. He is almost always pigeonholed into some childish, timid, "little brother" kind of role. There's a reason why this 5'6 guy becomes 6'1 when he's suddenly a k00l guy. Of course, the 6'1 badass still only needs to be 167 lbs, because people don't know how combat works.

Point is, when girls are told how taller men are better their entire lives, what kind of men do you think their brains will associate with attractiveness? Girls view romance novels/movies/shows/ads and only see taller men having sex. The next time they think about sex, of course only taller men will come to mind. I'll use this scenario again. Would most ladies pick a 6'1 150 lb guy or a 5'7 200 lb man, assuming their faces and personality are identical? If they pick the former, don't tell me it's some "biological" bullshit.

I'll end with the obligatory study on size preferences in modern and traditional societies, and a rant on how much instinct modern humans even have.

By the way, I'm not even going to address the "easier to mount mates if you're taller" thing. You've got to really be racking your brain to come up with that as a serious point.

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