Tuesday, 18 November 2014

You're Not Entitled to Happiness - But Suicide's Selfish

We all know the sayings. "Get help." "You need help."

"Help, as if its a kitchen sink or flat tire that can be patched. You can help someone who has issues you can fix or if their issues are "all in their head". When its in their fucking faces regularly help is meaningless. Sometimes people kill me. On one hand you have people saying you're not entitled to intimacy friends or happiness, but god forbid you answer that with "well fuck it then I'm done". Then you owe the fucking world your life and must live it until your body shuts down. What fucking sense does that fucking make? Really and truly what fucking sense does it make? Its down right ludicrous, everybody tells you to shut the fuck up and stop complaining until you even hint at ending it. Then everybody is scrambling around and show false concern or hatred at how "selfish" you are. Fuck that! I don't owe anybody my continued existence."

This came from a 5'2 man going through a divorce, so maybe it's not how he feels on an average day, but I believe there's some truth to it.

No one is entitled to happiness or intimacy. A 5'2 man is not entitled to a chance with 4'11 women. This can apply to other groups as well, like how Asian men are not entitled to Asian women, or if eighty ladies want to sleep with only twenty men, that's their choice. Whether or not this cripples society and leaves many men depressed (and therefore less productive), technically it's all true.

What's funny, however, is when a man has enough and feels like flipping the table on a rigged game. Then suddenly, people use peer pressure to force him into a life he doesn't even want. I just find it funny how we're all raised to be "productive members of society," even when that same society goes out of its way to mock, bully, label, exclude, and shame us. Then it shames us further when we want out.

Picture a couple having sex while a third man cleans their car and cooks them dinner. Society expects some men to be this third wheel, paying taxes and slaving in the workforce to produce results and stimulate the economy, only to go home alone while others reap the benefits. In Canada, almost all abortions are paid for by taxpayers. Some lonely men literally work to pay for other people's sex. I find that hilarious, and apparently, many other males do as well, since men are dropping out of society in droves.

The fact of the matter is that certain things cannot be helped. By that, I mean how a short Asian man will not suddenly be loved or respected because he called a suicide hotline. The world doesn't care about how happy you are in your mind, so fuck it. If you're one of the guys who feel like putting a gun to your head, I wouldn't judge you. I know exactly why so many men commit suicide, and it's because nobody gives a shit about males. Even other men don't give a shit about men. Whether you stay or go, we're on our own here.

P.S. Free band name for some emo group: Suicide's Selfish.

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