Just Shut Up - You'll Be Happier!

There's a man who writes a lot on heightism over at http://thesocialcomplex.tumblr.com/

Recently, I saw people tell him how he'd be happier if he would stop writing so much about height, and instead live his own little life.

That is absurd.

He'd probably feel happier once society stops giving him a reason to write about this in the first place. Not everyone thinks ignorance is bliss.

I also write a lot about this for one sole reason: barely anyone else does. If more short people gave a shit about being treated like shit, then men like myself wouldn't have to bother.

If I cared enough, I would doodle a guy with his mouth zipped shut and hands tied, yet acting like he's a hardass. That's how most people think. They're so complacent and submissive, yet all too eager to shut down those actually defending them, because inaction is somehow praiseworthy.

Don't rock the boat kids - it's best to just take the abuse quietly... Said no proud man ever.

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