Why Online Dating Is Full of Contradicting Morons

"Long story short, I responded to a girl who said she was looking for a mature relationship. She said she was done dating assholes, and wanted somebody of a decent caliber.
I wrote a very hefty response. Didn't go into too much detail, but pretty much explained that I'm a great guy with ambitions, pretty attractive and am really funny. I told her I was 5'5, I'm pretty honest about it, and I'm not ashamed.
She basically responded with a picture, and told me "It was a shame she was 5'6." She was gorgeous. When I told her that height was irrelevant to me, she just basically responded with "You're really funny, and attractive, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable dating someone shorter than me."
Now I don't hold any anger against her or blame her for her mentality but that stuff just really kicks me and I wanted to vent to someone. I know it's for the best, that I have a lot to offer people and if she just got to know me things would have been fine, but after all she did me a favor. Thanks for reading guys." 

Online dating brings out the worst in people's superficial hangups.

P.S. Funny how the odd couple of the 21st century isn't interracial or homosexual, but a taller girl with a shorter guy. "*gasp* Did you see those two? That girl is 1 inch taller than her boyfriend! Bwahahaha! So awkward!"

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