The One Thing About Most Psychologists... They Kiss Up to Authority

"I feel like a lot of people could really benefit from a psychologist. I think an actual trained therapist could do wonders for just about everybody. I mean, we're pretty complex beings, and we don't come with instruction manuals—having an objective advisor periodically talk through problems and ideas with you would be pretty handy for anyone at some point in their life."

I'd support most psychologists... Too bad most of them have no insight on the crap I rant about. Sure, some would understand my beliefs about school, authority, heightism, et cetera, but I'm pretty sure most would just label me with a bunch of disorders.

Kids who visit mental health professionals about school are often diagnosed with the problem, not the institution itself. Is this not because most psychologists had to jump through hoops that required them to absorb pro-school beliefs? Does one not have to be 'normal' to tell whether or not others are abnormal? Normal people must support school, no? You can hear more on this topic from one of the few good psychologists, Bruce Levine.

So what exactly makes most psychologists complex enough to evaluate other complex beings? A degree? Most of them just judge based on what their books tell them. So complex.

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