Sunday, 16 February 2014

Who Prefers the Short Guys?

"Sometimes I can't help but think it'd sure be nice if there were some subset of women somewhere that didn't just merely tolerate my height, but actually loved it. Like /r/aa_cups, with its 5k subscribers, is for flat chested women. It's kind of depressing that being short is such a decent sized part of my identity but no matter how close I ever get to someone, and how handsome to them I am otherwise, it will never be loved . . . just tolerated. At least in all likelihood. I'm aware someone must be attracted to my height, but the odds don't look good that I'd ever meet them and that we'd also happen to be great for each other in every other regard as well.
So I'm pretty sure I'll find someone to spend my life with, but there's that."

"There's no shortage of chubby chasers and people who love BBW. I have heard of every fetish conceivable but I have not heard of women being short chasers or HSG (hot short guys); I'm talking actively seeking shorter guys, not just tolerating them."

"i always feel like if (big if) i meet someone who even shows remote interest, i'll end up "settling" just b/c the odds are so stacked against me that i'll ever find someone else
it's enough to make me question the value of living. that's not a sign of crisis, but it's more an existential thought like "whats the point of even living if you're denied one of the basic elements that defines our existence? i'd be going through life with a huge chunk of what 'life' is denied to me"

Seems like I'm not the only shorty who realizes that most girls we end up with will not view our heights as a good thing.

At least fat or older women can find loads of men who fetishsize them. Who prefers the short guys? Gay men?

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