"Just Move to Asia" They Said, "Short Guys Will Do Better" They Said

I feel bad for the short dudes who move to Asia thinking height standards will be less ridiculous.

Sorry fellas, but with all the tall actors in Asian dramas, and Western influence on beauty standards, most modern girls have disproportionate requirements. No matter where these girls reside, they could be short or unattractive and still wait for their tall prince charming.

It doesn't help when Asia's celebrities use America's height averages, so there's a bunch of 5'9-6'3 male stars with little girls fawning over them. Ironically, there are probably fewer short male leads in Asia than in the West. You would expect Asians to embrace their features, but nope, many of us are self-hating fucks. It's not uncommon to hear, "I don't know why people make fun of Asians for being short. I see lots of tall Asian guys. We're growing!" Of course, at the same time they'll brag about how Asian girls are cutest because they're small. Gotta love double standards rooted in gender norms.

If you're White and short, Asian people will say "wow, you're kinda short for a White guy." I got that quote from short Caucasian men who visited Asia. People there are conditioned by the whole "tall with blond hair and blue eyes" White man image. I expect a similar response from Asia regarding short Black men. If you're a short man of any other ethnicity, like Asian or Hispanic, well that's just typical. You're short and girls are tired of the same old genetic failure.

I mean, there's nothing wrong when 96% of women want a taller man. Nothing contrived about that at all. It's a naturally occurring preference, because 96% isn't a totally suspicious number... Being sarcastic, of course.

No matter where you go, most people will chase what their televisions tell 'em. The Asian media's idea of beauty currently consists of plastic surgery and lankiness. Needless to say, I don't recommend visiting unless you're chiseled from stone an operating room.

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