Hypocrisy of Our Schools and Homes

Schools claim to be against bullying, yet they employ fear and threats against noncompliance. The system bullies children into doing what is against their will, like one big college hazing complete with shame and humiliation. Either you do as schools say or you don't belong.

Schools are supposedly against drug use, yet have no problem sending troubled students to psychiatrists. These kids are then labelled with ADHD or ODD (even if they don't have them) and given prescriptions for meds. Most of us instantly believe any official diagnosis, and thus swallow pills without a second thought. We are meant to protect our youth from chemicals they do not need, yet we're so quick to pull the trigger and encourage drug use. All in the name of education, when it's this false education that ruins minds in the first place.

The United States boasts of being "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave," while Canada is 'The True North, strong and free." Meanwhile, public schools are compulsory and we're too scared to make a difference. Instead of overcoming pain and adversity, we instantly swallow pills the moment depression hits. How free and brave, true and strong, are we really?
Until schools are radically changed, or we present our countries as they actually are, as places of excessive force and cowardice... We are hypocrites.

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