Sunday, 2 February 2014

"I Dated a Short Man Who Was Bad, I Will Now Think Twice Before Dating a Short Man Again."

"Part of this was to do with the fact that he was short, and was constantly undersold about this and about various other aspects of himself by his mother and others. He was really self-conscious about his height. I tried to do my best to alleviate this all the time. I'd never wear heels around him at all, despite previously loving shoes, and I'd always try to build him up and remind him of all the other wonderful attributes he had."

Ha... He was "undersold" about this. She tried to "build him up." When our language itself is heightist, a short guy can't be blamed for being wary, especially when his girlfriend uses these phrases.

"I'm not saying that it was the only factor but it was a huge factor... i.e. I couldn't help or deal with the insecurity anymore and it was making him too clingy and inadvertently controlling."

Maybe he only seemed clingy because short guys barely get dates at all, so we actually appreciate our girlfriends, unlike the guys who get women throwing themselves at him. Of course, I've noticed how girls prefer men who view women as disposable. Makes the man seem more wanted and valuable that way, when he can have any girl but you're the one good enough to nab him. Sorry - I digress.

"What I'm saying is that there are women out there who don't give a shit about your height, or who actually find it extremely attractive."

Right... About 4% of them.

"All I'm saying is I'd have to think long and hard about starting shit with a short guy ever again and I'd really want to suss out how insecure about it he was..."

Reply from a 5'10 guy: "Yeah, because if a 6'4'' guy was insecure about his height would you say "I'd have to think long and hard about starting shit with a tall guy ever again and I'd really want to suss out how insecure about it he was...?" It's always the same thing: if a short man makes a mistake, ALL short men are supposed to make the same mistake, but this does not apply to tall men."

"I'm not exactly fugly either. I'd rate myself a solid 8. If you do find these women, don't ruin it for yourself with BS insecurities." 

I'm saying, what I'm saying, all I'm saying, is that it's a shame how her ability to rationalize is not an 8 as well.

Maybe her short ex really was insecure, but the girl I quoted said "I'd have to think long and hard about starting shit with a short guy ever again." That is why I will not give her the benefit of the doubt. Had she said "this particular short guy was lame, but I wouldn't mind dating another short man because there are confident ones out there," I wouldn't have bothered blogging about this.

Girls do this shit all the time. They date one short man just to claim he was "insecure" so they could dump him, then somehow use that as a reason to never date short men again. It makes them seem less shallow than saying, "sorry, biological preference" when they reject millions of men over a genetic trait.

"Short men are judged as a group while tall men are judged as individuals. It doesn't matter how a tall man treats her - she wouldn't think to apply that behavior to other tall men."

The above quote is why I'm pissed off. If one short boyfriend is insecure, other short guys are insecure. I never hear a girl claiming to never date tall men again because one hurt them. No, he was a single rotten apple.

If you're not at least average height or the majority of whatever demographic you live in, dating is bullshit. Get ready to deal with ridiculous stereotypes.

P.S. How much do you want to bet these irrational girls graduate high school and college? They're legit retarded and yet considered educated.

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