Just 60 Seconds of Viewing Models May Change Women's Perceptions of Attractiveness

You don't really need to read the full article, the main point is here:

"This study shows... that the low ‘ideal’ weight for females portrayed by media seems to influence judgments of attractiveness more than health in both men and women."

Why can the same not be said about height? The ideal male height seems to be 6'0 - 6'5 even though only a small percentage of men are this tall. A ridiculous standard just like all the skinny men and women on TV.

This is important in regards to the many posts I've written about biological preferences. There are numerous studies blaming the media for how we view fatter women. Yet when it comes to height, we are to assume it's Mother Nature at work. When we critique a woman on her weight, we're brainwashed by the media, but when women reject short men, it's a healthy preference.

Despite all the studies claiming women are innately attracted to tall guys, here are studies about indigenous people do not care about height. Again, if women's body image can be influenced by the media, why do people assume views on men are free from social conditioning?

We're supposed to believe society impacts beauty standards, except when it comes to height, then it's simply biological. Convenient for those who don't want to be judge but not be judged.

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