Thursday, 20 February 2014

"Go to Asia If You Don't Want to Be Stereotyped"

MMA fighter Cung Le mentioned Hollywood's Asian stereotyping, and someone replied:

"If an Asian actor wants a movie role that isn't stereotypical, they have to go to Asia. It's like a Caucasian actor complaining that his movie roles in Asian films are always the stereotypical white person. I honestly don't see what the big deal is."

There are some problems here.

1. If this person actually watched Chinese or Japanese shows, they would realize that there is a creepy White-worship vibe going on. There are way more Asian works featuring Caucasians in a positive light than negative. Many Japanese anime and games actually have an all-White cast. How often does the reverse happen in the West?

2. How can one justify racism by telling victims to, essentially, go back to where they came from? If a White person living in Asia felt offended over their media portrayal, I wouldn't tell them to run away.

3. There are many more Asians in North America than Whites in Asia. If one should be the first improve their image, it's the former.

4. Many Asians have no say when they're born in the West. The fact that they are supposed to escape their birthplace to feel like an individual is ridiculous.

Basically, if you're an Asian guy and you're tired of being seen as a nerd or villain in Hollywood, you should get the fuck out. How about we don't? This world would not be improved if we all hid and shut our mouths.

Quote that sums up my point: "Asians have their own film industry in Asia, so who cares about racial stereotypes by Hollywood? Let's just put our fingers in our ears and ignore the fact that Hollywood is by far the largest movie industry in the world with the widest reach."

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