Discrimination Using Height Rather Than Skin Color

"Heightism is blatant racial discrimination by the British against Mexicans, Southern Europeans, and Asians. It is using height (and implicitly, the latitude your ancestors are from) rather than skin color as a proxy for race.
A manager recently said to me "someone once told me that one day, all the tall people in my class would be wealthy. Why should I interrupt such a great plan?" One reason would be that "plan" is an illegal form of racism.
What if a manager said "someone once said all the white people in my class should make more money. Well, if managers start hiring black people rather than white people, that won't be the case. So why should I start?" Would that comment be illegal?
Is there any difference between the two comments?"

I mentioned the correlation between race and height in an old post, but I'd like to reiterate this topic.

If taller is better, then that means Whites and Blacks and inherently superior to Asians and Mexicans, but you would never hear anyone say that.

If you harbor one belief, would you not have to believe the other by proxy? If taller is better, then are the taller races not superior on average?

Many heightists are racist without even realizing it.

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