Example of a Woman Projecting Her Insecurities Onto Short Men

"I’m only 5’5 but I still feel insecure from time to time about my height. I envy some of my petite girlfriends who can wear sky high heels and still only be average height. I love wearing high heels, but as soon as I put them on I become almost 5’10 – many Asian guys hit the 5’6/5’7 mark, I just hate feeling taller than a man…it makes me feel so…manly! LOL. But nowadays I just tell myself, ‘It’s not me who is too tall – you men are just too small!"

See, she said it herself. Even though she's the one freaking out about height, it's us men who are "too small." Too small for what is beyond me. Basketball?

"One of the most handsome and gorgeous Chinese men I ever knew was probably only 5’4-5’5…but it certainly didn’t take away from his beauty. Luckily I have a shuai Chinese BF who is 182cm – I can wear my favourite shoes and he still makes me feel all woman, haha."

Sure, she tries to sugarcoat this by saying the short Chinese man was still "beautiful," but conveniently she ended up with some tall guy.

Women who care about gender norms are so unattractive. If some girl I fancied wanted to wear heels and become taller than me, I wouldn't mind and I hope she wouldn't either.

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