Friday, 28 February 2014

Nature As an Excuse for Hate and Attraction

When someone claims their racism or homophobia stems from an innate aversion, they're met with scorn and criticism. It's such a cop-out to claim you were born prejudiced, isn't it?

Yet Mother Nature is a valid excuse when it comes to physical attraction. When people fawn over a man's height or a model's Caucasian features, those traits are supposedly deemed attractive from the moment we are born.

No matter how many studies put the idea of natural attraction into a suspicious light, barely anyone questions when women are shallow (especially when it comes to height), and even short men buy into the 'biological preference' excuse. It's never due to media and social conditioning, because humans are just so resilient to brainwashing, aren't we?

Why is it not okay to hide behind biology for bigotry, yet it's "just a preference" when girls reject perfectly healthy men over their height? In summary, superficial discrimination is okay when it involves sex.

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