Thursday, 27 February 2014

Even Vladimir Putin Has "Short Man Syndrome"


"No short man on earth is exempt from being labeled on the basis of his height, not even the President of the largest country in the World.  Vladimir Putin rides a 3-wheel Harley Davidson and that proves he's got "a problem" with his height according to the guy in this video.  "He gets on his bike and he's playing like "Mr. Macho Harley" . . . "  according to this guy, even though this guy admits he rides a standard 2-wheel motorcycle himself.  Short men can't even ride a "trike" without annoying some tall guy that thinks his - and only his - ilk has a patent on anything that in any way shape or form conforms to any kind of masculine stereotype.   Short men are not allowed to do anything that can possibly threaten the ego of taller and/or larger men without being called on the carpet for it and wantonly labeled."

Check out some of the comments from the video:

"Speaking of Putin trying to make up for his insecurities & masculinity complexes, look at the chairman of Itera (Rosneft/Gazprom puppet), he's coincidentally a short Russian too. What do you know? He's a former USSR cyclist and was in the military like Putin."

"That's probably why Putin went into judo and even the KGB. I'll guarantee somewhere in his childhood he got bullied for being small. He used judo, his position in the KGB and then his position in the Russian govt. to make himself feel big and to become the bully."

Do you understand? A short man can't even ride a bike or study martial arts without having the fictional Napoleon Complex. We're supposed to sit alone in the corner while taller men become leaders and do cool shit, because that is their right and not ours.

"Being short affects all men period. I remember when I was young I thought I was 5' 11" and at 22 yrs old found out I was 5' 9 7/8" Boy did that throw me off - I wasn't even the average white guy at 5' 10". 2 years ago I found out I had become 5' 10 1/4" and it's great! Why? Because everyone shows more respect for tall people, girls all want a tall guy, CEOs are 95% 6' +, you are naturally more intimidating and potentially stronger then adversaries etc.etc. Average or+ is a must psychologically."

I'm pretty all this proves it that lots of people are shallow assholes. It doesn't mean short height is inferior, but rather the populace is too retarded to judge people from the inside. I'm gonna go and be scared of my 6' friends now even though I'm stronger, because they're "naturally more intimidating" and "potentially stronger" (which basically means they could be stronger but they're too lazy to be).

I'm stronger because I train, which might be my Short Man syndrome kicking in, but I think I'm just smart enough to not reserve certain activities for specific genetics. That is the epitome of prejudice. Just like stopping Black people from sitting at the front of the bus, claiming short men have mental issues when they ride motorcycles or do martial arts is discrimination.

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