Love and Loyalty Are Almost Dead... Almost

"Ah loyalty. So rare these days."

I'll sum this up so you don't have to click the link: it's a story from a short while ago, where a guy was hit by a drunk driver before he could propose to the girl he loved. He then wakes up from his coma and proposes anyway, despite being severely handicapped. The girl accepted.

Most of the comments in the linked thread are suggesting this girl should dump the disabled fucker, because you know, loyalty and true lurve work like that. Just go live another life because the memories aren't enough for one to stay.

I'm not acquainted with this couple, so I won't comment on a personal level.

I just want to know, am I the only one who would stand by the girl I love, even if she was crippled? Or am I living in the wrong world here?

Bonus mangina logic: if the crippled boy tries to marry this girl, he's the bad guy because she's not obligated to live for him. If he becomes miserable or wants to die without her, he'd be selfish for making her feel bad, thus making him obligated to live for her. This dude should let the love of his life marry some other normal man, then he is expected to sit in his wheelchair and shut up because crying is selfish, but marrying her is also selfish.

People barely give a shit about what this guy wants in his half of the relationship. Random strangers on the web have the nerve to tell this man he should be happy for his lover to leave him. If the girl wants to walk away, fine, but this guy is already so fucked up that if he loses her, have mercy on his soul.

I'm not saying anyone should get suicidal over a break-up, but remember - this guy is totally fucked. It's not like his girlfriend was some random girl he dated for a few weeks either. Aside from living for her, what the fuck else is he gonna do? Still, people literally said, word for word, "poor girl... she just signed her life away." What the fuck?! What if she actually loves him? That concept is seemingly beyond their comprehension.

If you flip the genders, I doubt many people would suggest the guy leave his lover or get extra sex on the side. He'd be a disloyal bastard who can't control his dick if he did that. It's just funny how a knight dying for his princess is a classic romance trope, but when a girl has to sacrifice something for a man, it's so disturbing. This guy isn't even dead yet and people are already telling her to move on.

My stance on this topic comes from the fact that I am used to being surrounded by people - walking, talking, normal people - yet I don't love many of them, so it's not like spending the rest of my life with a handicapped person is the worst thing in the world. I'd pick one crippled soulmate over a dozen shallow partners. I don't need the sex or even the conversation, because if we've had both in the past, what more could I ask for?

I doubt the average person even knows what I'm talking about, because most couples voluntarily break up over lesser matters, so of course a debilitating car accident would blow their minds. If the girl in love with me was handicapped, I just don't think she would want me to leave her, although I doubt I'll ever find someone who feels the same way.

In the end, I hope everything works out for the two young people in our story. Their stability is doubtful, but if they could survive together, I'd have some faith in faithfulness again. It would help me feel like there's a hopelessly romantic girl out there for every hopelessly romantic guy.

They look genuinely happy in their engagement pictures, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for the sake of my humanity. Reddit is full of manginas and liberals anyway, righteous on the surface but fickle on the inside, so fuck what they think. They're basically admitting they'll run off the moment their wives or husbands meet misfortune. What good people, always lecturing others about relationships while displaying no moral fiber.

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health."

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