Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tall Guy Trolls Shallow Women

"No one under six feet - sorry just a preference" is the most common tag line I have seen girls use on Tinder. So to troll these skanks one night while I was bored I tried an experiment: I told a bunch of them I was 5'5 or even shorter (I am 6'1 IRL) and would then try to reaaaally sell them on my other qualities, humor or wit or whatever.

It turned out exactly how you would expect.

The most responses I got before being blocked was three. Multiple messages from different girls told me to fuck off, that I was harassing them, two said I should die in a fire (lol).

It's funny to me that the super informified Tumblr feminist types will, without hesitation, call me a sad sexless basement dwelling virgin for liking thin, pretty feminine girls with round butts and big tits, but when women do this shit they are just expressing a preference by saying any man who happens to be shorter than them is sub-human or by straight up telling them they should be dead.

Totes. Sure babes. - Source

Kudos to this guy. I like when tall men don't shift blame on short men, or pretend shallow women aren't in abundance. Better yet, I love when they troll others.

I've actually done this myself. I once went on Craigslist and pretended to be a tall, Caucasian type with a smart and romantic personality. Needless to say, women responded to me without hesitation.

When I played the exact same character, albeit as a short Asian male, women gave me the cold shoulder. I did not tell them my height and ethnicity upright, instead I waited until we exchanged a dozen messages before sending the "bad" news. We would be getting along great, then suddenly nothing.

I love constantly hearing "it's just a preference" when everyone has the same preference. Height is a deal breaker, not a preference. You either have it or you don't. That's why the ideal male is "tall, dark, and handsome." If you don't have the first and most important trait, you are disqualified.

But don't worry. They'll claim you simply have to compensate with personality, muscles, money, etc. Then someone will like you, despite your horrific affliction of short male height... Of course, in reality they'll just mock you further for compensating.

Whether short men are looking for hookups or relationships, we lose. Always chosen last for the team, no matter what.

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