Thursday, 2 January 2014

Delusions of Heightism and Combat

“I think it would be very quick, and the decision would be obvious. Manny Pacquiao will knock me out in the 1st round." - John Cena

That was pro wrestler John Cena's quote on who would win between him and boxer Manny Pacquiao in a fight.  Keep in mind that Cena is 6'1 and 251 lb, while Manny is 5'6 and 145 lb. Cena recognizes that skill and experience are far better assets than height or weight.

Of course, there are still delusional clowns behind their computers with opinions such as the following:

"The thing about that they are just freakshows. They're literally smaller than anyone even in attendance watching. You don't just go to the store and see a full grown man that small. It's like going to the circus, and seeing the smallest men alive, and they just happen to be in a cage. If you see a random 135 pound man on the street, he would look insanely small. They are like freakshows. They are extremely short, and just very lightweight. A ripped, 225 pound man would just manhandle them like a female and twist, contort their body at will. 135 is the size of a lot of females. I'm only 6 foot even and 155 lbs, and I can manhandle and throw around someone at 135 at will." 

The above was in regards to a question asking if MMA fighter Urijah Faber could beat some tall musclehead. Ignoring how 5'6" and 150 lbs is made to seem like a "freakshow" size (it isn't), I think it's hilarious how much emphasis people place on height/weight winning fights. I guess they've never seen a wolverine kill a moose.

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