Thursday, 2 January 2014

Supportive Parenting For Short Sons

"The problem with calling a short child a potentially derogatory name in reference to his height (like “stumpy”) is the same problem that occurs when parents give their children Human Growth Hormone in an attempt to make them taller.  Both parents are acting out of love, but when a short boy sees that his parents are fixated on his short height, he may take this as validation of height bigotry generally.  That is, he will face a lot of social challenges because he is short (as a child and especially as an adult).  If he has memories of supportive parents who reject heightism and tell him that height stigma is wrong (which is better than the lie that “height doesn’t matter”) he will be able to better deal with the social challenges.  However, if he had parents who obsessed over making him taller (essentially telling him that it’s not O.K. to be short) or parents who gave him a nickname about his height….it could seriously affect his future quality of life."

Having family and friends tell me I'm not short is the most transparent display of heightism ever. Good intentions aside, they're acting like below average stature is a crippling ailment that must be disguised.

Teasing or nicknaming a short guy out of "endearment" is also one of the worst things a loved one can do. "Stumpy?" Yeah, that sounds fucking badass. Your kid will have great self-esteem later in life.

Don't be a retard. Tell your kids size really shouldn't matter.

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