Monday, 30 December 2013

How Far Can You Go Before You're Shallow?

"I'm 5'7 and my GF is 5'8. She recently confessed to me that she is generally attracted to taller guys, and if I were shorter than 5'6, she wouldn't be attracted to me.
I know that a lot of people are proud to be tall, and in a way I'm proud to be short. And I'd also accept my GF anywhere from 4'0 to 7'12.
I'm also proud to be Asian, and my GF had said something along the lines of she's generally attracted to people who aren't Asian or that if I were any more Asian she wouldn't be attracted to me, it'd be over, no question" - Link

Proof that if you have a vagina, some men will date you even if you're a shallow.

Preferences/requirements based on uncontrollable traits are shallow. I have some too, but I don't pretend like it's a good thing. Many people actually believe that judging on genetics isn't superficial.

If it isn't shallow, what is? Money? That can be used for a good cause. Weight or hygiene? I'm not picky on these traits, but they're technically life choices so I don't judge the people who care. Same with career, education, drugs/alcohol, etc. I don't think these are superficial preferences.

Height and ethnicity though... It's encouraged to disguise prejudice for these traits with a "preference" label, but fuck that shit. I sincerely do not care about about a partner's skin color or height, but I guess lots of people do. Just another reason to hate half of society.

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