Sunday, 5 January 2014

Short Man Complex AKA Only Tall Men Are Allowed to Be Assertive

"You cannot change your genetics you will be as tall as you will be . My best advise to you us be content with how tall or short you happen to get otherwise if your bothered by being short you will develop what is call the short man complex. That's when you have to do everything better stronger faster than everyone . You try to compensate for being short by being a jerk . To tell you the truth the only people who look short to me are the ones who do those things. I had two friends both the same hight one had to always out do everybody we called him the midget the other was not concerned about how tall he is and for the longest time I thought he was 5-6 inches taller then they stood back to back same same i was amazed at how attitude makes it all different. So be content you and everyone else around you will be happier" 

This person's retarded typing aside, there is no such thing as a "Napoleonic complex" or "short man complex." It's simply a slur used to shame short men.

If a tall man is assertive and opinionated, people view it as confidence because society associates male height with the legitimate exercise of social dominance. If a short man is assertive and opinionated, people view it as an instance of illegitimate social dominance, and so they say he's a jerk. Thus the "Napoleon Complex" myth is born.

The idea behind the Napoleon Complex is not focused on the short man who refuses to accept that he is short. The idea is focused on short men who refused to accept the social meaning behind what it means to be short - the ones who refuse to view themselves as innately inferior because of their short stature.

Notice that the short men who gingerly accept poor social treatment are never labelled with a "Napoleon complex". A tall man, no matter how obnoxious, aggressive, or ambitious, is never labelled with the complex either.

In other words, it's the taller man's right to be confident or successful, while a superior short man is automatically compensating.

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