Friday, 3 January 2014

School Fanatics Summed Up

"You people are morons. It's school, not a life sentence to prison. Suck it up. You may not like it, but trust me, your gonna be glad you didn't drop out in the long run. Go to school, stop complaining so much, and enjoy the money and the job you will have (if you try) when your done. Your rights being taken away? What rights do you need right now? Freedom of speech? Your talking right now. And if you drop out, you will not have a high paying job/no job at all. Sure, there's some that become successful, but those odds are's gonna be hard for you all to get jobs if you don't do well in school/finish school. I feel bad for you people...."

How come lots of schoolers mess up their homophones? I don't usually nitpick people on their writing, but since we're discussing school (which is supposed to "educate"), I think it's funny how education seems to be the last thing on people's minds. It's all just a gateway to more school and work.

Anyway, I could waste time countering all these 'points' with the usual, but since most arguments against unschooling are so trite, I'll leave a cliche of my own.  

"It's their way or the highway."

When the economy gives a hard time for anyone who doesn't follow the compulsory path, there's something fucked up there. Maybe it's like they want us all to be very similar...

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