Sunday, 5 January 2014

Just Date Shorter People

"There are many things that might put people off the idea of dating someone, and it seems height is a major influence in such a decision.

It goes without saying there is nothing you can do about how tall you are, so if you are a little vertically challenged it might be a good idea to focus on chatting only to other short people."
- Source

How people think this is good advice is beyond me. That's like tell Blacks or Asians to only approach people of their own ethnic group.

Another problem is how most women, no matter their height, seemingly want a tall man. There have been many guys, let's say 5'5, who have been rejected by 4'11" women for being too short.

Finally, why does the guy always have to be taller than the girl? Just because men tend to be taller than women doesn't mean it should be the cardinal rule.

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