Monday, 13 January 2014

Kid Cries Due to Heightism - People Laugh

"So, apparently there is this video clip making its rounds on the Internet which depicts a young man struggling with being bullied because of his height. But, the video is not posted for sympathy… it’s posted for laughs.  Essentially, this video clip is being used to make fun of short men (via the increasingly popular slur, “manlets”) who speak out against heightism. 
In this clip, a short boy appears to be paraded in front of his entire school during an assembly so that he can confront his bullies and others who have harassed him.  The results are quite sad….

And check out the comment section of this video. It’s mostly adults and young adults laughing at a child’s grief from being harassed in school. This shows just how acceptable heightism is in our society. There’s this notion that height bigotry is “not that bad” and that his pain is attributed to “being short” (as if simply being short generated negative emotions without the social stigma that comes with it). There is also this popular perception that anxiety or grief caused by heightism is the same sorts of anxiety generated by more benign body issues like having a big nose or having acne. It’s considered something that children should “get over”. Such notions demonstrate that our society is a long ways away from acknowledging the true nature of heightism in terms of both depth and severity. Finally, does anyone know the source for this clip? Can you imagine the outrage that would be generated if people were laughing at this kid on the Internet because he broke down after admitting that he is harassed for being gay? Why is this O.K.? - source

A kid cries his heart out from being bullied over something he has no control over, yet here we are with "people" (if they're even human) mocking him in the comments. People reveal their true colors when they are anonymous.

Society is educated indeed. Thank you for teaching citizens to be politically correct rather than humane. They refrain from racism and homophobia, not due to their own goodness, but because it would not be tolerated the way heightism is. Unless you've been killed or put in chains, bigotry against your group is funny.

Oh wait, young men already kill themselves over heightism but it's still a harmless joke. Considering how people still use racial humor, I'm not surprised. So unoriginal with their comedy, and yet so cocksure.

Anyone who tells bullied victims to "suck it up" is cold and heartless. Those who laugh at the downtrodden have no souls.

Update: the video has been removed because it was a violation of You Tube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten. Bittersweet victory, because for the duration this video stayed online, it displayed the sick pleasure people got out of heightism. If only this bigotry could've died with the video.

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