Monday, 6 January 2014

When Women Find Out Their Celebrity Crush Isn't Tall

I think this is the werewolf guy from Twilight. Many women rub one out to him... Until they find out he's about 5'8" tall. That's around average height in America, but of course, a woman's real height is with her heels on.

I've never seen his movies, so I can't say I'm a fan, but he seems like a conventionally attractive guy in my book. Then again, I'm not a woman so his height wouldn't make him more or less desirable.

Imagine this, "I just met my celebrity crush and she was so fat! What the heck?!"

Or, "That woman's breasts are so flat! What a waste of a gorgeous face."

Finally, "I met my favorite Black singer and she was darker than I thought she'd be! That completely killed it..." 

Funny response from the 6'5 guy though. Lots of us men, whatever our heights may be, have figured out this bullshit by now.

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